William Wallace in the Scottish Borders

Watching the recent Scottish Borders episode of the TV travel show with Susan Calman showing the world her “Secret Scotland” I was struck be her definition of “secret” as Melrose rugby club and “Scott’s View” are two of the more well-known highlights! However getting people to see the beauty of the Scottish Borders is always a positive and hopefully it will encourage people further.

A few miles from “Scott’s View” is a lesser known delight and it is a statue of William Wallace that is located in a wood off a small back road. It is one of the earlier statues having been erected in 1814 by the local landowner. (Not to be confused with the deeply unpopular one, now surrounded by a cage due to vandalism, at the car park at the Wallace Monument in Stirling).

Overlooking the river Tweed it stands 31 feet high it is reached via a woodland walk and is surrounded by trees. As far as operating a drone goes the trees definitely complicate close-up views. Likewise the fact there is a drop down to the Tweed means that there is an updraft to the front making smooth control less easy. However it is a nice jaunt and the red sandstone statue is worth making the trip for.

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