Views from above

Taking photographs is a subjective matter anyway but there are times when the view from directly above change the scene altogether. Having visited the Terrace café and walled garden at Floors Castle many times I was vaguely aware of the geography of the estate and how the garden was set-up. It was not until I put a drone up that I realised that the Millennium garden, which is next door to the walled garden, looks at its best from the air. From the ground it looks like a well-kept formal garden but it transforms to a work of art from the air.

Likewise I was out on the road when I saw some “heather-burning” on the Lammermuirs going on and decided to take some shots from the air. Though because of the relatively strong wind, which is a prerequisite for heather burning of course, I was a little cautious and only took some images from the side. In this case the better shot would have been from directly above and high. Sometimes you just have to be brave and you will be rewarded.

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