Sherlock drones about drones

The drone sees more than you think it does and once the aerial images are back it is always amazing what has been recorded, especially the things you had no idea were there in the first place. This is great when you are getting amazing shots of the house and it now shows off the amazing back scenery that is not noticeable on the ground, but not so good when you realise how much rubbish is on show.

Show - is the operative word. If you are the client and you have shelled out on the photographs, what is on show needs to be good too. As a photographer with a camera or a drone we will record what is there to the best of our ability so you certainly want the product to look wonderful. Putting the show into show business.

Anyway, enough of the double meaning words and back to the drones. Drones are getting more technical and the cameras are improving all the time. The video quality is 4K and the still images are 12 MP (megapixels) - so all to a very high standard. When you think my Nikon D750 is 24MP which is superb quality, half of that is excellent for the drone camera. I am currently waiting on a new drone camera which will be 20MP - so the improvements are happening on a monthly basis. Drones are changing all the time and whilst the regulations and laws are just playing catch-up, it remains an exciting time in the world of drones.

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