Scotland’s last Grand Slam was 30 Years ago!

It seems amazing that 30 years have passed since Scotland won the Grand Slam back in 1990. Amazing, in as much that amount of time has been and gone and amazing that Scotland has not repeated that feat again since. It was a memorable day – a lot was going on! First of all I had won a pair of tickets for the Scotland v England game, with accommodation and lunch thrown in. BBC Scotland’s Sportscene programme had run a competition with the main sponsor Royal Bank of Scotland offering this prize which Dougie Donnelly duly announced me as having won. I chose to take my uncle, and he and my aunt took the free accommodation.

After having been out the night before I was woken in the morning to be told that our step-grandfather had died early that morning in Edinburgh. My parents’ were hosting a lunch for 30 people later and we were all due to go to the game. It was decided that he would have wanted everything to carry on as normal, which we did, but his loss was in our minds.

The match itself was extraordinary and excruciating at the same time. I was in a central prime seat in the West Stand – and whilst the England team had run out, a minute or so later, David Sole marched the Scotland team out – and I have never heard a roar like it. Whilst the atmosphere had been expectant it was now electrically super charged for the 54,000 capacity. Psychologically the Scotland team already had points on the board and the crowd were going mental – and the whistle hadn’t even been blown yet.

There are three key aspects of the game that I recall. Findlay Calder charging the England pack by himself and looking as if he was buckling under the weight before the Scotland pack then push him forward and we get a penalty. Again the roar was amazing and it felt as if the crowd was part of the team. The Scotland try, which the scrum had come about because of an England mistake, and the complete simplicity of the move. Poetry in motion – and the roar, of course. Then finally, having to endure the squeaky-bum tension waiting for that final whistle to blow. What a performance. What a result. When will we see your like again?

30 years on it is nice to revisit. My uncle has passed away and I recall making the point that day that his beloved Jura featured in the programme. And yes, we all wore “Grand Slam” ties at our grandfather’s funeral. Anyway whilst I was supposed to be writing up a Blog on drone photography it has gone in this reminiscence. Happy days…..

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