Drone flying at night

For anyone wishing to commission night time photography at their event or lit-up venue – a drone can be one of the best ways to capture the image at its most striking. At a recent event in the Scottish Borders at Ferniehirst Castle I was asked to do some night time aerial photography and the process is a little more time consuming.

As a PFcO (permission for commercial operations) holder authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority night time flying is the equivalent to day time flying just with more checks in place. Along with all my other pre-flight checks I have to complete a safety risk assessment before proceeding. This meant walking the area, plotting what was in the filming area and ensuring I had a safe landing/take-off point.

As it happened I had been designated a car park for a holiday cottage nearby that was very unsuitable due to criss-crossing wires above the cottage. I opted instead for an unused tennis court which had great views of the castle and flight area and was a self-contained secure area with lighting. I did some trial flights in daylight to understand the heights of the trees and the castle – and I was ready for darkness.

Of course once it has become dark all the pre-planning and being sited correctly actually means that the flying is easy. All the issues and potential risks you have already mitigated – and with the lights on the drone it is easy to see where the drone is in the air. So once the filming has been complete you can bring your drone back to the safe landing area in the knowledge that the job has been safe with the dramatic images available to the customer as per the brief.

For your aerial photography in the Scottish Borders – Sherlock Drones Photography


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