Copyright – who owns the images?

Firstly the law is very clear - any image will be protected by copyright. Fine – but what happens when the photography is commissioned, who then owns the images? Again the law is very clear - the photographer is the owner of the copyright. So when you commission a professional photographer to create images for you then the photographer owns the copyright to the images.

So what happens next? There are two main options, one being licencing and the second being an outright purchase from the photographer of the copyright. In most cases and certainly with Sherlock Drones Photography all the images taken on your behalf and paid for are forwarded on under licence. As part of the contract between the photographer (Sherlock Drones Photography) and client the usage will be agreed in advance and forms the licence for the use of the images. The licence protects both the client and the photographer. For more information on this – just get in touch and I will be happy to explain it further.

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