Are we offering value for money?

Having just attended the Association of Scottish self-caterers conference in Glasgow where we trying to entice the self-catering community to consider aerial photography as part of their presentation – the discussion inevitably came down to price. Our introductory offer and current price is £75 for a selection of 5 aerial images. Some were surprised that the price was so low and some thought that was too expensive!

Within the commercial aerial photography community these prices are on the low side but regardless of the pricing it is all about selling the idea in the first place. Value-for-money is all very well but you need to get across the financial benefits to the customer and what they will achieve in the long run to get the sales. Pricing in all markets is complicated – but at Sherlock Drones Photography we try our very best to offer a premium aerial photography service at a reasonable rate. Once you have your aerial photography you can judge if it is value-for-money or not.

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