Aerial pictures – make a great gift

A photograph is a snapshot of time, a reference point you can go back to over the years and see the changes. Great for family portraits of course to see the development of a young family but also fantastic as a record of where you live. How many times have you pored over pictures and checked out the changes in the background. Taking shots of the family home or farm not only makes a great gift it is something that becomes historically relevant from one generation to the next. From the air - even better.

For farmers, who are likely to have been passed the farm by the generation before, it is likely they will do the same to the next generation. Getting a professional CAA approved drone pilot, who is fully insured, to take aerial photographs of the farm is the best way to get that snapshot in time. It also makes a wonderful gift for a family member.

Sherlock Drones Photography will do a safety assessment before flying and discuss in detail exactly what you are looking to photograph. Sometimes looking at the ground station of the live images gets the exact image, sometimes other angles turn out to be the best. Once the image is chosen, it can be printed to a large size and framed – and this is a gift, that will continue to give for many years to come. Contact today to discuss further…

For aerial photography in the Scottish Borders choose Sherlock Drones Photography

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