Aerial photography, Scottish Borders

So what is the secret of a good aerial photography in the Scottish Borders – well it seems that it is any shot with the Eildon Hills in the background! This is not true of everywhere in the Borders of course but it seems to be valid for anything that is in the vicinity of the Eildons.

Melrose, aerial photography, Scottish Borders

“Makes sure you get the Eildons in” is a regular request for the commercial aerial photography that we do. That is the great thing with photographing from above where you can bring in the scale of the scene. We photographed the Biogas plant at St Boswells for a customer recently – and by ensuring the Eildons were in the background you are juxtaposing the modernity at the front with the scale of nature itself.

Charlesfield Industrial Estate, St Boswells, Scottish Borders

The Scottish Borders mansion houses, hotels, abbeys and castles all get a better sense of scale when allowed to be photographed in their natural setting. This applies to anywhere in Scotland and Northern England where Sherlock Drones Photography gets the drones in operation for commercial work. Whilst it is always interesting to get the exact angle from above they are not always the most interesting shots. Getting a variety of angles covers all angles as they say!

Big Top for the Proclaimers concert in Melrose, Scottish Borders

Dryburgh Abbey Hotel by the river Tweed with the Eildons in the background

Smailholm Tower with the Eildons in the background

Wedding scene at Kippilaw House with the Eildons in the background

For any commercial aerial shots in the borders, including creative aerial wedding shots – contact Sherlock Drones photography. Aerial photography, Scottish Borders.

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