With 20 years of photographing holiday houses throughout Scotland from the ground, internally and externally, Antony has been operating with a selection of drones for many years. Drones currently being used include a Yuneec Typhoon H and a DJI Phantom 4 Pro +, which between them are ideal for aerial photography up to 20MP resolution and 4K videography for property and events throughout Scotland and the North of England. Perfect for capturing your holiday house from the air, roof inspection, open-air event, wedding garden scene or any particular imagery required that is better seen from a birds-eye view.


In the UK, commercial aerial film and photography is subject to certain legal requirements and anyone hiring a professional drone operator needs to ensure the person they hire is fully qualified, legal and insured. Antony Sherlock trading as Scottish Holiday Houses (ref 7196) holds the CAA’s "Permission for Commercial Operations" (PfCO), which in effect is the licence to operate a small unmanned vehicle (drone) under the conditions set by law and within an operating manual.


Legally the insurance level is set to £1million though this figure can be adjusted upwards when the situation arises.

With a range of photography outlets there are a number of other websites that Antony hosts that can be viewed as well as Sherlock Drones Photography.

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Sherlock Hounds Photography website offers more discussion and advice on photography for animals and general photography.

Petals and Pixels website offers wedding photography and flowers in the Lothian and Scottish Borders region.

Croftcarnoch Farmhouse website is a 4-bedroom self-catering holiday house which he manages and is successfully let out on AirBnB and on this specifically designed site.

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Subject to the Air Navigation Order 2016 all drones in the UK are not permitted to fly above 400 feet and within 1 kilometre of airport boundaries.  The drone flight should be kept at least 50 metres away from people and private property, and 150 metres from congested areas and organised open-air assemblies of more than 1,000 people. They should also be kept in a visible line of sight of the remote pilot and no more than 500 metres away.

Drone Pilot/Photographer